Article Marketing

The primary goal behind article marketing is to get search engine traffic to the article so that the author/company can strengthen their authority and influence within their field, while also leveraging that traffic for their own site(s). The key to article marketing is that the author should be providing value with their articles, not just promoting their site, products or services which Acme Graphix as an online marketing company in Delhi takes special care of.

Mastermind marketers at Acme Graphix are brilliantly skilled to strategize article marketing for effective business development. Highly targeted leads and sound bylines are areas of major importance while article directories form the reserve of articles which in-turn increase the page ranks of websites. We employ expert article creators with experience of writing in every industry ranging from real estate to the education sector who possess a natural writing flair. We guarantee timely availability of content at subsidized prices to ensure super charged online businesses.

We also have a reputation of producing viral marketing through our evolved marketing practices and article marketing is one of our key areas of work. Keeping pace with the innovative marketing scenarios we have also recently delved in to Article Video Marketing which is primarily concerned with making a video rather than amalgamating text and putting it on video sharing sites like Youtube for exposure. One of the advantages, of this kind of marketing is that the people find it easier to see a video than read an article and with moving images it becomes interesting. Moreover, we help businesses convert articles in video too, by constructing a PPT out of the article at hand. It usually gets more views because of easy formatting and colourful display of text. All in all, we are stop shop for all your internet marketing queries.